Little Tokyo Service Center VITA Site

LTSC VITA Site will be open from February 2 - April 13, 2019
LTSC VITA conducts Traditional Tax Preparation by appointment only.
Other methods of preparation are available such as the Virtual Tax Preparation Process.

Virtual Tax Preparation Process:
Taxpayer brings in all tax related documents and completes intake form/process. We, LTSC VITA, keep copies of tax documents in a secure place and one of our IRS Certified volunteers prepares tax return without taxpayer needing to be present. Taxpayer returns at a later date to participate in a quality review of tax return and give consent to electronically file tax return. No appointment is needed for taxpayers to drop off documents. However, an appointment will be scheduled to conduct quality review of tax return. Tax returns are not submitted without the taxpayers consent.

For more information call (213) 473-1637 or email

Tax Day March 8th at Angelina Apartments